Through customizable features and ergonomic design, Nanolytik® NanoFreeze Freezers will help you to keep your research work in mind and store samples.



NanoSpec Spectro-photometers meets your needs for ruggedness, ease of use, validation and applications with a wide selection of Vis and UV-Vis spectrometers.



Whether in research, science or industry, Nanolytik® pipettes are used in many labs worldwide for liquid applications. Our broad portfolio offers Pipettes and all kind of Pipette tips.



Consistently cut high quality sections with a manual rotary microtome. With a Nanolytik® NanoCut at the center of your laboratory, you’ll enjoy a life-time of german precision semi thin cutting.

Blog News

Latest Nanolytik Blog News

  • Was ist eine Küvette

    Eine Küvette ist im weitestem Sinne ein Reagenzglas mit einer Rechteckigen Form optimal für den Einsatz in die Küvettenhalter.

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  • What is a Gel Documentations Systems?

    The movement of small particles like DNA, RNA, or proteins through a gel by the application of electricity.

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  • Pipetting and Pipette calibration

    Your new digital Micropipettes are available as fixed or variable piston-operated pipettors for the accurate and precise sampling and dispensing of liquid volumes.

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  • Arablab 2014 The Expo
    our new products will be on display at Arablab 2014 in Dubai. We hereby invite you to witness our products developed in the last years. 
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  • Multi Mode Reader

    We disigned a new Innovative tool for all photometric research and diagnostic application, like DNA, RNA, protein ELISA, colour and particle analysis in screening and core laboratories.

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