NanoLum - UV Transilluminator

NanoLum Mono & Dual UV Transilluminator

Electronic ballast
Economy electrical consumption
Unlimited filter life
Large filter screen 21 x 26 cm
High performance UV tubes
UV intensity control
Air cooling system
UV safety screen
Adjustable voltage

  • 1 Year

Nanolytik® provides our molecular scientist the Mono and DUAL UV Transilluminator, which covers the basic requirements to meet daily experiments with stable performance and competitive price.


  NanoLum Mono NanoLum Dual
UV Transilluminator 6 x 8 w tubes 9 x 8 w tubes
Wavelength 312 nm (254, 365 nm optional) 312 / 365 nm (254 nm optional)
Filter Size 21 x 26 cm 21 x 26 cm
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
Cat. No. TLL1 TLL2