MR 10 - Multimode Reader

UV VIS absorbance microplate spectral multimode reader

Multimode absorbance spectrophotometer
8 Channel microvolume spectrophotometer
96-well microplate reader
Elisa Reader
Shaking & Incubation
UV-VISIBLE Absorbance, Fluorescence & Luminescence
Color measurement
Particle measurement
Automation Ready
Powerful MR Analysis & Control Software

  • UV-VIS
  • 0.5µl
  • 2 Years
  • CE
  • CE

8 Channel micro volume (0.5-2µL) Spectrophotometer reading 96 well microplates !


All in one absorbance microplate multimode multivolume reader

The new Nanolytik - MR 10 - all in one absorbance microplate spectral multimode reader can measure direct and easy up to eight 0.5-2μl samples with its 8 channel nanovolume UV-VIS spectrophotometer or in the ultra fast heating and shaking 96-well microplate.


Most complete analyzer in the market

We disigned a new innovative tool for all photometric research and diagnostic application, like DNA, RNA, protein ELISA, colour and particle analysis in screening and core laboratories. This makes the MR 10 the most complete spectral analyzer in the market, ideal for research purposes in material, medical and biological research or industrial works. And if this is not enough we offer custom made software for your individual application.


Control and Spectrum Analysis Software

Compare data or exort with our new userfriendly analysis software which is fully compiant with FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11. The software lets you control of the hardware, motors, and light sources. Calibration of color measurement and adjustment are a easy to setup for interpolation (linear adjustment, polinomic, point to point, segmental, parameter fit).


Optional features as you need

All Multimode readeears are based on the same system, which allows customizing and upgrading as necessary with optional features like FluorescenceLuminescence and many more.


Microplate spectroscopy Particle measurements Color measurements
Simultaneous analysis Dynamic image analysis 1 click for full microplate analysis
Spectrum analysis Morphometric characterization of particle size, shape and distribution Adjustable calibration and correlation methods
1 second per well scan fully automated Multiple analysis options and data regression
Customizable Light sources   Optical density measurements 
Customizable fiber optics    
Fluorescence  Absorbance Luminescence
DNA hybridizations DNA quantification  Reporter gene assays 
FRET assays Protein quantification BRET
Fluorescence immunoassays  ELISA Dual luciferase assays 
Apoptosis Enzyme assays  Toxicology
SNP Genotyping   Free radicals

Fully automated, fast and reliable data of any kind of sample.



MR 10 Multimode Reader

Optical System

13 gratings available

Spectral Wavelength Range 

200 to 1100 nm


1 nm optical resolution


UV-VIS Spectrophotometer with CCD

Light source


Data Output

USB port

Stray Light

<0.05% at 600 nm; <0.10% at 435 nm

Read Times

Full spectrum scan in less than 1 sec/well 


Optional: 45°C only microplate reader


Optional: linear & orbital, definable time & speed 


MR10 analysis and control software 



Shaking (Basic Mode as standard)

Incubation (37°C Heating as standard)